Interpreting the Translation Industry

Interpreting the Translation Industry 07/10/2020

Would you trust a doctor without a licence to perform your brain surgery? How about an uncertified welder to repair your local bridge that you drive over every day to work? Of course not! In the UK translation industry, however, this is indeed the case – there is no required certification or mandatory process necessary to become a translator. From this unique quirk arises a problem for fields that depend heavily on the accuracy of translators; namely, the legal industry.

So what’s a law firm or legal department to do? How can they ensure that their documents aren’t being shoddily interpreted by Google Translate? Although certification is not mandatory, professional translators can still voluntarily choose to become certified members of professional associations such as the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) and the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI). These organisations provide not only networking opportunities with others in the translation industry, but also seminars and training sessions to continue members’ professional development – they’re not merely a social club.

Another option organisations in need of translators can turn to is a Translation Agency which can appoint project managers to manage tested linguists to ensure that your translation is checked and re-checked before submission.

Here at Wicker Hamilton, we have built a pool of highly qualified UK based legal translators and interpreters and can conduct our services from a Secure Review Facility in the City of London. This means that we can work with publicly sensitive information by restricting internet access and ensuring complete security for our clients. If there’s a need for a verbal interpretation, we can provide that too. We work with certified linguists that you can book to interpret your meetings, appear in courtrooms or police stations. As a boutique professional services consultancy, we give our clients the specialised attention that they deserve and cater to their unique needs.

Interpreting the translation industry may seem daunting at first, but if you look carefully, you will find many options available for fast, accurate, and professional service.

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