Translation is a core part of our business.
With such an international focus, linguistic legal professionals are used across all areas of our managed services.

We are industry-focused and work predominantly with LPOs, law firms and language companies who have a requirement for linguists with legal credentials.

Our consultancy has partnered with a number of technology solutions which enables us to provide greater efficiency, accuracy and cost savings.

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Legal Document Translation

We have the capacity to translate high volumes of legal documents using legal professionals with native tongue. All linguists are UK based. We assign one project manager to delegate, quality-check and time manage each request. We also offer Machine Translation coupled with human quality check for time-sensitive cases. Consultants are conflict-checked prior to their engagement.


Courtroom Interpreters

We offer courtroom interpreting services to law firms, using impartial, legal professionals and qualified interpreters. We only provide interpreters who are experts in the language that they are translating. Comfortable with legal terminology and cultural expressions.
All interpreters have the appropriate certifications and security clearances for the task at hand.


Audio & Video Translation

The approach we take with regards to audio and video translation involves us providing verbatim transcripts in the source language, coupled with direct translation into English. Consultants are conflict-checked prior to their engagement.


Certified Translation

For the translation of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and others, there is broadly a requirement for the translation to be certified by a member of a specific institute. We work with a wide network of linguists and will ensure that your certificate is translated by an appropriately registered linguist in accordance with this requirement.

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