Strength In Diversity

Strength In Diversity 22/04/2020

Gender Equality. Feminism. Pay Gap.

These are just some terms associated with the ongoing concern that gender bias is still a problem, not only here in the UK, but around the world. Many people shy away from conversations involving this topic. Only some meet this issue head on. It is something we, not as men or women, but as people, owe to the next generation of leaders.

A recent report conducted by the UN found that a whopping “90% of men and women hold some sort of bias against females”(BBC). That is just staggering. I couldn’t believe it. The report goes on to name several countries from around the world that have polled well below ideal standards. Globally, results show that most people, again, both men and women, believe that men should hold positions of political authority. Most people believe it is acceptable for men to earn more than women. Almost a third of people polled felt that it was “acceptable” for men to hit their partners. Believe me, I know.

These results are quite disturbing. It is my hope that these perceptions and negative feelings towards women do not last much longer. Historically, women have had to work twice as hard in the workplace to achieve ranks similar to their male colleagues, while still being paid less than them. Diverse environments allow for the prospering of ideas. It encourages differences and fosters healthy work relationships. Furthermore, a study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group found that diverse teams generate 19% more revenue than homogenous ones. It is why we at Wicker Hamilton, as well as other firms, have made it a priority to employ a diverse workforce. We see the value that this brings and will continue to credit our continued success to the diversity of our teams.



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